On Lok is a family of community-based, not-for-profit organizations whose mission is to enable seniors to maintain a quality of life that lets them live in their communities where they can lead independent, active lives for as long as possible. Visit:

On Lok 30th Street Senior Center provides health and wellness programs, social interaction, nutritious meals, educational opportunities, information and assistance, and case management services through our seven programs for over 5,000 of San Francisco’s seniors. Visit:

Healthy Living Workshops at On Lok

The Healthier Living Program and DEEP are six-week workshops focused on Chronic Disease Self-Management and Diabetes Empowerment Education.  They are available at no cost to the community in a variety of languages (English, Spanish, Russian, Tagalog, Chinese and Korean) at various centers throughout San Francisco.  Voluntary Contributions are welcomed.

Department of Disability & Aging Services (DAS)
DAS coordinates services for older adults, veterans, people with disabilities, and their families to maximize safety, health, and independence.

Senior & Disability Action

We mobilize and educate seniors and people with disabilities to fight for individual rights and social justice. Through individual support and collective action, we work together to create a city and world in which seniors and people with disabilities can live well and safely.

Well Connected
This award-winning program offers activities, education, support groups, and friendly conversation over the phone or online. visit:

Exercise and health resources

Physical activity guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control

How much do you need to exercise to stay healthy? what type of exercise? visit the guidelines stated by the CDC. Visit:

National Institute on Aging
A department from the Institute of Health which supports the development of evidence-based exercise programs. Visit:

The NIA uploaded a variety of exercises on youtube:

National Council of Aging 

Detailed information about a variety of balance, cardio-respiratory, strength, and multi-component exercise programs. Visit:

Dance for Parkinson

A national program designed by professional dancers for people with PD. There are programs all over the country. Visit:

Functional Aging Institute (FAI)
FAI is the world-class leader in training older adults and their unique, evidence-based approach to exercise can help you improve functional outcomes with all of your mature clients. To learn more about FAI visit:
To view informational and educational videos visit:

Mobility Matters
It is the mission of Mobility Matters to give fitness professionals and clinicians the finest scientifically-designed exercise program to help older adults prevent falls, maximize physical function, and achieve physical vitality, well-being and happiness.